Our Mission

The primary mission of Avenues is to provide vital mental health counseling services to all who have need, regardless of someone’s ability to pay. All of our counselors donate services by offering reduced fees based on need. We believe emotional wellness should be accessible to all.

Our secondary mission is to be out in the community strengthening and enabling other organizations as they fulfill their mission.  Our way of fulfilling our secondary mission is by forming relationships with organizations, going where they are, and offering them our services.  These services include our counseling and groups, but also include:

Consultation Services: Provides short-term counsel to walk alongside pastors, elders, deacons, staff, leaders, care providers, etc., as they perform their duties. Some examples may include: communicating new or big changes to those whom they serve, assistance navigating through a particular trial or relational issue, change of leadership, organizational transitions, etc.

Spouse Mentoring Services: Helping to support spouses of those in full-time ministry, through offering support groups and other mentoring opportunities.

Care Ministry Development Services: Since most churches cannot afford to hire a person to develop care ministries, Avenues Counseling, through a 6-month partnership with our trained and experienced personnel, will come into your church, meet with the leadership in order to learn about you, devise a plan, and begin training people within your congregation to lead your own thriving care ministry.

No matter which service best suits your current needs, each service will be custom tailored to reflect your needs and goals, as well as the personality of your leadership and organization. A trained member of our staff will meet with you to learn about your needs, and to devise and implement a plan that best fits your unique goals.

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