Group Counseling

Avenues Counseling offers group counseling for those wanting to work through the healing process in a community with others dealing with the same struggles.

Group counseling can present a number of benefits to those seeking healing in their lives; which is why we strive to offer a variety of groups as paths to emotional wellness. Learning and growing together in a group provides an invaluable, guided experience through the support, information, and process of moving together with others who understand your experience. View our group options below or contact us for more information.


Back Together

Rebuilding Intimacy after Relational Trauma

Back Together is a 12-week group designed for couples healing from sexual brokenness.  Oftentimes, couples who are in the process of healing from sexual brokenness do most of their healing separately, as they try to make sense of the relational devastation they experienced from the pain and betrayal that accompanies sexual brokenness and addiction. Back Together helps couples as they navigate rebuilding their relationship.

Topics discussed in our 12-week time together will be:

  • Genuine Intimacy: How it is Meant To Be
  • Understanding Relational Trauma
  • Talking to the Kids About What’s Happening
  • Creating an Environment to Trust
  • Resiliency:  Creating a Relationship That Can Survive
  • And more!
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