Caitlin Hitch, PLPC

Caitlin HitchCaitlin works with individuals and couples on a wide range of issues, including trauma, abuse, family-of-origin issues, identity, depression, anxiety, relational struggles, and grief.

“Making the choice to pursue counseling is a brave decision, and I am honored to be a part of that process. I hope to provide a place of safety where you can feel heard and understood, and where your unique story is welcomed. My desire is to walk with people as they begin to heal from the wounds of life. As we face these wounds, we are able to become more fully ourselves and live out of freedom, instead of our past experiences. My hope is that, together, we can find ways to move towards real change.”

Caitlin is currently supervised by Courtney Hollingsworth, LPC (2009036286).

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Confidential Voicemail: 314-325-4657
Email: [email protected]

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