Sam Bearer, PLPC


Sam provides individual, couples, and group counseling for various emotional and interpersonal issues such as anxiety, grief and loss, sexual brokenness, identity, and physical/spiritual reintegration.

“I seek to provide counseling to couples and individuals, both adults and adolescents. I work with interpersonal, relationship issues including: family of origin dynamics, trauma and maladaptive coping patterns, marriage and pre-marital counseling, improving communication skills, self-image and identity, managing anger, and men’s sexual addiction.

I love to listen to and engage with hurting people. Pain and anger often makes us question our own or another’s unique and indelible value. I hope to help people understand and more deeply feel God’s grace and love. I seek to meet people where they are, especially in grief and struggle. My counseling is based on my education, volunteer experience, and is firmly grounded in Christian faith. I also seek to maintain a profound respect for the beliefs of my clients, no matter what their religious worldview.”

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