YeeShuang Goh

Secure Voicemail:  314-279-4385
Email: [email protected]

YeeShuang is currently an intern with Avenues Counseling, in her final year of the Master of Arts in Counseling program at Covenant Theological Seminary. Born and raised in Singapore, and having lived in Japan for three years prior to coming to the United States, YeeShuang speaks three languages (English, Mandarin and Japanese) and enjoys helping people explore and understand their stories and cultural background, as well as to navigate transitions and adjustments in their lives.

With her background, YeeShuang is eager to journey with bi-cultural and third culture kids and adults, and hopes to provide a safe space for anyone to explore and make sense of their life, relational struggles, family dynamics, attachment injuries, anxieties and shame, in a trauma-informed manner.

“Stepping into counseling is a brave step. More than that, it shows that you are still holding on to hope – hope that things may change, hope that things can get better. I am so proud of you for reaching out, and perhaps we can grow that hope in our time together.”