Addiction Counseling

Addictions can come in any form, however commonly discussed addictions in our culture are alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, exercise, and sex.

Addictions have the power to completely take over, ruining relationships and lives. Admitting you struggle with an addiction can be hard and is a big step towards beginning to heal.

Wondering if you are addicted?  Here are some classic signs of an addiction:

  • Do you feel as though you have impaired control over the substance or behavior?
  • Are you preoccupied by the substance or behavior?
  • Do you continue to use the substance or perform the behavior despite impending consequences?
  • Did you answer yes to the previous three questions yet want to deny having done so?

If you found yourself answering yes to the above questions, you likely have an addiction.  Feelings of fear and shame can keep us from admitting an addiction, but freedom is possible.  Our staff is available to help you.