What is an IOP?

An IOP is a higher level of care and more intensive than traditional weekly therapy but is less intensive than an inpatient program during hospitalization. This program is designed to help teens who need more than once a week counseling sessions. 

Our program is designed to help both caregivers and teenagers develop skills to effectively manage life’s challenges, communicate better, and build self-confidence for more successful life experiences. Our goal is to help you feel more connected within your family and community and to be confident in facing any challenges that come your way.

You can expect our counselors to communicate with your teen’s school and offer collaboration with other professionals as needed to ensure the best care is being given to your family.

When you say this group is for “teens” what ages do you mean?

Our program is for teens aged 13-17.

Who would benefit most from this IOP?

Right now, our teenagers are facing a mental health crisis and statistics show that anxiety, depression, and suicide are rising every year. Many teens are expressing they feel in a constant state of “overwhelm” in life with limited access to knowing what to do with it. The ideal teen for our program will be someone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or who is struggling to cope with life stressors.

How is this IOP structured?

  •  6-week program
  • Meets 3 days a week from 4:00-6:00 pm
  • Tuesdays (teens), Wednesdays (caregiver(s)), Thursday (teens)
  • Open enrollment

We have been intentional with the structure of our IOP program. To encourage school attendance and involvement, both during and after school, and to reduce the demand and stress on the teen and family unit, our meetings run from 4:00-6:00 pm, 2 days a week.

Caregiver(s) participation is mandatory on Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 pm for the duration of the 6-week program. During this time caregivers will learn the same skills as their teen, receive support from other parents, and gain knowledge and tools to learn how to cope with the stress that comes from having a struggling teen.

During the 6-week program, we ask each family to participate in 3 family counseling sessions. These sessions will focus on goal setting and assessing the family’s needs, a check-in midway through the program to ensure goals are being met and discern is changes are needed, and finally a discharge session to make a plan beyond the IOP.

What is the weekly curriculum?

Our curriculum is grounded in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Week 1:  Safety Planning and Crisis Response: “Promoting Wellness and Learning How to Handle Crisis” 

Week 2:  Distress Tolerance: “How to Handle Overwhelm: Navigating Depression, Anxiety and Suicidal Thoughts ”  

Week 3: Mindfulness: “Understanding How the Mind and Body Connect and Reducing Stress” 

Week 4: Emotional regulation: “Finding your Way through Big Feelings” 

Week 5:  Walking the Middle Path: “Building Resilience and Finding Balance” 

Week 6: “Boundaries and Self-Advocacy: Building Healthy Relationships” 

What is the cost?

The 6-week program costs:
$120 | per day
$360 | per week

*All individual or family sessions are billed as stand-alone services.

Payment options:

  • Self-pay
  • Insurance (prior authorization is required for most plans)
  • Scholarships: Full and partial scholarships are available.

Who is leading this?

Abigayle Dejong, PLPC, is our Intensive Outpatient Program Coordinator. To learn more about Abigayle click here.

Next Steps

Questions? Email or call: [email protected] | 314-266-8365

Complete our IOP intake form by clicking here.

This program begins on August 26th, 2024.