Our counselors are Licensed Professional Counselors specializing in a variety of areas including abuse, trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, relational conflict, eating disorders, grief and loss, and anger management. Whether the counseling needs are for an adolescent or adult, a man or a woman, or a couple or family, our counselors are equipped and committed to work with you. Learn more about them individually below.


Lianne works with individuals and couples dealing with relational issues as well as premarital, depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, boundaries, couples in crisis (separation, divorce, communication with kids, etc.), domestic violence, self-image/identity, parenting, and anger issues.


Jonathan provides individual and couples counseling to adults and adolescents working with relationship issues. This includes abuse, marriage and pre-marital counseling, anger management, and men's issues.


Courtney works with adults and adolescents, with a variety of issues relating to depression, grief and loss, anxiety, family of origin issues, abuse, anger, boundaries, identity and self-image, coping with raising children with special needs, and relationship struggles.


Sam provides individual, couples, and group counseling for various emotional and interpersonal issues such as anxiety, grief and loss, sexual brokenness, identity, and physical/spiritual reintegration.


She enjoys serving children and their families. Working through cultural identity issues. Helping individuals come up with more concrete vocational goals, young adult issues, lifestyle adjustment (motherhood, job, school, marriage, cultural adjustment, divorce), and depression.


Nevi works with adults and adolescents dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, body image, abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), relational issues and family dynamics.


Janelle brings together expressive and drama therapy and trauma-informed techniques to help children, adolescents and adults be empowered to become actors of their own lives. Janelle is also knowledgeable in other therapeutic approaches and is excited to collaborate with each person.


Josh enjoys working with children, adolescents, and adults, including depression, anxiety, communication and/or boundary issues, family struggles, adjustment or phase of life transitions, and self-image.


Matthew provides individual and group counseling for children, teens, and adults. He works with a variety of interpersonal issues such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders, sexual brokenness, family dynamics, and grief.


YeeShuang enjoys journeying with those navigating difficult transitions and relationships in their lives, hoping to provide a safe space for anyone to explore and make sense of their life, relational struggles, family dynamics, attachment injuries, anxieties and shame in a trauma-informed manner.