Divorce and Separation

No matter if you are separated, divorced, or somewhere in the midst of these processes, this season of life is most probably painful, scary, and draining.





To consider separation, or to be in the midst of it, can feel confusing. You can feel as though your life and relationship are living in a constant state of limbo. The big question you and your significant other are trying to answer is, “Can we make this work?” We have found that couples entering into this time of separation with a plan in place for what their separation will “look” like, as well as with a team of caregivers, have far greater success than those who do not. Our skilled staff can assist you in devising a plan and help you towards hope of reconciling.




There is no right or wrong way to feel when it comes to being divorced, but what is true is YOUR experience of it. Perhaps you are deeply saddened by your current situation, or maybe you feel free for the first time in a long time, or somewhere in between. No matter what you find yourself feeling, you will be in a process to learn who you are apart from your significant other and how to live within this new and unknown season of life. Counseling can offer you a place to begin to heal, learn who you are, as well as provide a place to gain helpful resources.


Are children involved? If so, you will also be struggling with a myriad of other issues and pains, along with your own. Co-parenting and the possibility of a blended family down the road are now realities. Navigating these new realities in healthy and good ways will benefit your children during this painful time.