Family Counseling

Our family tends to create some of our best and worst experiences. Families teach us how to relate, view the world, communicate, love, hate, feel, and learn. They can feel safe or unsafe, healthy or unhealthy, and often a mixture.

Families can struggle to value each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, or to live in harmony with one another. Some examples of family struggles are conflict, communication, abuse, relational dynamics, spiritual beliefs, behavioral, and many more. Sitting with a trained counselor can benefit the entire family unit, as someone outside of the strain can look in and assist everyone towards a family that helps each member thrive.



Blended Family


When families experience divorce; safety, support, and consistency are the keys to recovery. When children are brought into a new family through remarriage; many new challenges arise in this midst of this transition to be faced.


If you are at the beginning stages of blending your family, sitting with a counselor and creating a plan can help navigate this new season. Perhaps you are in the midst of blending a new family and tensions are high. Getting everyone in the same room and learning to openly discuss the struggles within the home, in a safe setting, can bring healing and stability.