Parenting & Special Needs

Do you ever feel like parenting is one of the hardest things you’ve ever done? If your answer was YES, you are not alone! Are you struggling with a particular stage or a difficult child? Did you promise yourself you’d be different than your parents, but are quite sure how to do it? Do you and your spouse have trouble agreeing when it comes to parenting?

While all children may share similar traits, behaviors, personalities, they are each unique. Being guided by a counselor can be very helpful to parent a difficult child, navigate a tricky stage or issue, or to simply learn how you want to parent.

Having a special needs child presents the normal challenges of parenthood, but also brings many unique and often foreign dilemmas and anxieties. A special needs child brings unique joys, while also often requiring altered expectations and dreams. Finding resources, learning how to best receive and give love to your child, and gaining support through counseling can help alleviate some of the stress.