4 Ways to Deal With Grief in Your Life

By: LaTonya Allen, LPC

What if I told you that grief is the portal that moves us towards joy?


You’d probably dismiss me, but hang tight this may be possible. 


Grief is a silent companion of many of our lives; many of us live in denial of it, and often we want to avoid it. We resist its presence in fear that it may swallow us and not allow us to see happiness or joy. 

I have not seen anyone who is delighted when grief enters their lives, but what I learned from my own life and as a therapist is that it often becomes a portal to the joy our heart desires.

I hope these suggestions can be used as a tool to help you learn to grieve well.

  • Recognize the grief is another emotion that is a part of the human experience. 

      1. Humans experience a range of emotions from grief to gladness, disgust to delight. It’s normal to ebb and flow and move through various emotions. 
      2. If you find yourself consumed by grief and it’s impacting your life significantly, it may be time to seek professional help.
  • Acknowledge that you are grieving and start naming the losses.

      1. Give yourself permission to feel; dedicate some time to identify the emotions that you may feel. 
      2. The pain and the losses associated with grief are real; listing the losses may help to validate your experience.
  • Invest in healthy and satisfying relationships.

      1. Find safe people that will be present with you as you grieve. 
      2. Be aware that grief can cause us to isolate, so be intentional about being in relationship with loved ones.
  • Notice your needs and make necessary life adjustments.

    1. Take the time to nourish your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
    2. Grief can take its toll, so shifting your expectations of yourself can be helpful as you learn to experience grief and move through it in healthy ways.