Could the Stigma’s Associated with Mental Health Needs Soon Be No More?

By: Lianne Johnson

An article I read recently discussed how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (or Obamacare as some call it) is making it so insurance companies have to recognize the mental health needs of those they insure, which means mental health services will be a covered benefit.  In fact, the insurance companies will begin reimbursing for mental health services (i.e., counseling) similarly to that of medical needs (same or similar co-pays, etc.)

Regardless if you are for or against the ACA it makes no difference.  What will make a difference due to the ACA is that more people who need mental health services will have access to them, and perhaps as mental health needs are put on the same level of importance as physical medical care needs the many stigma’s people have faced for decades may just start to fade.  To this I say HOORAY!

For those who desire to read the article I reference in this post here you go –