Why do we place time limits on grief?

By Lianne Johnson, LPC

Over the last two years my life has traveled through several seasons of grief caused by a crisis.  Have you ever experienced grief?  If you have, then you are keenly aware of how those around you try to place a time limit on your grief.  Why do people place a time limit on how long another is to deal with grief?

Grief is not clean.  It is dirty.  It comes and it goes and then comes and goes again.  Why is it so hard for us to let people be sad or tired or be in pain emotionally?

I have found that most of those who have struggled with my grief struggle because of how it impacts them, and to be fair, they also miss the “me” before my season of grief.  The result of this is that they do not accept the “different” me – the me covered in grief.  They want to “normal” me – the me they have known far longer than the me in grief.